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About Us

The Wealth Coaches

We are a Calgary-based financial education firm conceived of by James Steele IV & Coral Francis-Callender in 2012. A professional Master Brand of Trilogy Promotions Inc., we are dedicated to providing worldwide clients with the tried & true knowledge and practical tools necessary for creating generational wealth, and leaving worthy legacies.

As avid students of History, Finance, Economics, Law and Wealth Cycles, we educate clients on the Hidden Strategies & Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich

We are also the Calgary area representatives for, and utilize the services of Solid Financial Solutions Inc., to help structure a personalized financial education and wealth plan just for you. Click here to get started. ​

Knowledge + Action = Results

A coach will help you with your journey. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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“To coach individuals, families, businesses, and entrepreneurs to achieve complete financial freedom, stability, and generational wealth mastery through access to proven classical investment options, hard assets, business strategies, new business opportunities, and self-empowering educational programs derived from a study of historical truths, financial economics, and revealed strategies of the ultra rich."


In turn, our clients gain the ability to create a lasting foundation for future generations while empowering others to do the same.

Founding Partners


James Steele IV

Senior Partner - B.A., Bcomm.

Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about me and The Wealth Coaches as you decide whether or not to hire me as your personal wealth coach.  I believe it is vitally important to choose the right mentor to help guide you along your personal financial journey.  As you read about my background and personality test results below, ask yourself the simple question, "can I see myself learning and benefiting from his experience, vision, and sincere desire to help me prosper?"  


As a graduate of the University of Calgary, I possess degrees in both Economics and Business, specializing in both micro and macro economics, as well as in Finance and Management Science.​ I began a financial planning career in 1992 and served hundreds of clients over the next 5 years. I moved on to the private equity markets where, as VP Finance, I successfully helped raise venture capital for a very unique sports-related training device in the golf industry. Since 1998, I have run several businesses specializing in financial services, licensing, marketing, branding, fitness, education, and multimedia.​

Since 2002, Trilogy Promotions Inc., the parent company of the Wealth Coaches and The Wealth Academy, has been dedicated to providing these services all under one roof. In 2011, I returned to the private equity markets and now coach clients on the fundamentals of money, money management, wealth creation, demographics, wealth cycles, currencies, commodities, small business development, investing, estate planning, taxation strategies, law, and income diversification.​ Once I have educated clients on the fundamentals of the due diligence process,  I help them create, manage, and protect their wealth against the ravages of inflation, taxes, legal attacks, and the volatile nature of the financial markets.


As a Wealth, Health, and Wisdom coach, I endeavor to educate my clients in the two fundamental areas of Wealth and Health. ​I am a strong advocate of optimal health and I am proud to use my extensive fitness industry experience to promote the national “90 Day Challenge” platform to foster better dietary and exercise habits for my clients, their families, and their fellow employees.


In 2018, I launched a premier e-Learning financial education training platform, The Wealth Academy, on a digital content creator's platform called Teachable. This will be a culmination of over 28 years of my real world financial experience that will automate the financial education of millions of people.

Finally, I am a huge believer in constant personal development and entrepreneurship. The Wealth Academy hosts a special course called Success Mindset Training 101, specifically designed to program your mind for success with the help of many of the same mentors and personal development gurus I have relied on since 1992. The super wealthy did not get that way by sheer luck; they did so by feeding their brains with the right information and success strategies that previously worked for those who came before them. I am passing along the benefit of that experience. 

I recently took the Myers Briggs personality test and it revealed some amazing results about me that were spot on accurate. It turns out my style is prominent among many of the top visionaries and business leaders in the world which is shared by only 1-3% of the population. It is called ENTJ-A Assertive Commander and is apparently the same personality style as such famous leaders as Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, Margaret Thatcher, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, to name but a few. We apparently share the goal of changing the world for the better in our chosen roles. If I can succeed with anywhere near the level of success of these greats, I shall have helped a lot of people along the way, and I hope your are one of them. 

A couple of good sources to review my personality style are and You can learn more about me as a potential coach, business mentor, and corporate leader to see if we might be a good fit. While you are there, take your own personality test and see if you have what it takes to succeed and in what industry you should focus your efforts.  

I hope to meet you in person or online someday soon...

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Coral Francis-Callender

Senior Partner - Bachelor of Law Procurations

Despite all other progress, human nature never changes! Consequently, we can all learn life-changing, world-shaking secrets from those who have gone before us by studying history. The rise and fall of previous civilizations, their money; sociopolitical; legal and religious systems - all tell us so much about where our own modern world is going.


This is vital knowledge for the wise and prudent investor; estate planner or indeed, the responsible world citizen!


That's why a few years ago, I inspired James to start this business brand through which he has successfully helped many grateful clients, while helping to contribute to the economy, while making me very proud along the way.

With my strong legal and marketing background, we have together pioneered some really unique strategies that will be of benefit to you and your family. We welcome you aboard!

"Without financial education, your money flows to those who profit most from your financial ignorance."

Robert Kiyosaki

Our Business Affiliation

Solid Financial Solutions Inc.

Solid Financial Solutions Inc. caters to investors of all kinds, from the first-timer saver to the ultra-high net worth Canadian individuals and corporations. Our clientele typically seek to earn solid, monthly incomes from cash-flowing investments that pay strong annual rates of return. They also seek to earn long-term capital appreciation through investments such as gold and silver bullion, real estate, and Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. Stock market volatility and riskier asset class investments are not features sought by our clientele.

By using land, single family, multi family, and commercial real estate-based investments, we help our clients objectively create and manage their own personalized portfolios. These portfolios feature diversification by company, location, project type, and duration. They are an excellent investment vehicle to utilize not only cash monies, but also registered funds such as RRSP's, Spousal RRSP's, LIRA's, LIF's, RIF's, RESP's, Pension Plans, and TFSA's.

It would be a joy if employees in every organization would "get it" – fully understand and manage their company benefits. Human Resource professionals could then relax and get on with other things knowing that their employees are taking full advantage of the programs offered to them and making informed decisions on all matters financial.

That’s where the Financial Education Training of Solid Financial Solutions Inc. comes in. We educate people on financial self-management. Our approach is comprehensive, drawing common sense links between real life events and their financial implications. The goal is to engage everyone in a straightforward process that will lead them away from procrastination, fear, confusion, and stress towards knowledge, competence, control, and peace of mind.

The Personal Financial Management course teaches how to manage your personal financial affairs. You will become familiar with key financial management principles, such as using credit wisely and managing money with the help of a budget.

The Leadership and Personal Finances course provides supervisors, enrolled in the Primary Leadership Qualifications program, with the tools to help resolve financial problems of their business, by integrating various leadership principles.

With the SFS office based in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, The Wealth Coaches act as Calgary area independent representatives to educate and coach local individuals and business about the various innovative financial solutions available to them.

Contact them today and we will guide you through the first steps towards financial freedom, either as a consumer or as a business.

Please take a moment to visit the Solid Financial Solutions website.