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About Us

The Wealth Coaches

We are a Calgary-based financial education and wealth coaching firm conceived of by James Steele IV and Coral Francis-Callender in 2012.


A professional Master Brand of Trilogy Promotions Inc., we are dedicated to providing worldwide clients with the tried & true knowledge and practical tools necessary for creating generational wealth, and leaving worthy legacies.


As avid students of History, Finance, Economics, Law and Wealth Cycles, we educate clients on the Hidden Strategies & Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich


We help structure a personalized financial education and wealth plan just for you. Click here to get started. ​


Knowledge + Action = Results


A coach will help you with your journey. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

Business Research


“To coach individuals, families, businesses, and entrepreneurs to achieve complete financial freedom, stability, and generational wealth mastery through access to proven classical investment options, hard assets, business strategies, new business opportunities, and self-empowering educational programs derived from a study of historical truths, financial economics, and revealed strategies of the ultra rich."


In turn, our clients gain the ability to create a lasting foundation for future generations while empowering others to do the same.

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Founding Partners

James Steele IV

James Steele IV

Senior Partner - B.A., Bcomm.

Wealth Coach & Visionary

Coral Francis-Callender

Coral Francis-Callender

Senior Partner - Bachelor of Law Procurations

Humanitarian Aid, Non-Profits; Law, Political Science


"Without financial education, your money flows to those who profit most from your financial ignorance."

Robert Kiyosaki

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