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Families these days are saddled with record levels of debt from mortgages to credit cards, lines of credit, student loans, and various household debts. Constant consumer-driven advertising programs condition us all from a very young age to want or “need” the latest and greatest gadgets, toys, and trinkets to keep ahead of the Jones's. Of course, we must buy it all on credit since no one really has the budget anymore. What’s a budget you ask? Therein lies the root of the problem. This “buy now, pay later” mindset ignores even the basics of a budget.

Money management and financial intelligence, two of the most important life skills to have, are too often lacking by most families these days. Is it any wonder parents aren’t teaching these essential skills to their children, they don’t posses them in the first place!

  • Whose job is it to educate and encourage our kids about lifelong saving and spending habits?

  • How does one provide the essential tools they need to avoid a lifelong marathon of running on the debt treadmill?

  • How do we keep kids engaged and excited about learning financial literacy for a lifetime?


All too often parents leave these critical responsibilities in the hands of the schools, not realizing the futility and false hope inherent in that decision. Most families are just too busy with their careers, helping their kids with schoolwork, and shuttling their children to all sorts of extra-curricular activities to really take the time to concentrate on teaching their children basic money management skills.

Sadly, even if they could find the time, most parents were also not taught the necessary money mastery skills at an early age which has resulted in them having challenges with their own finances. The blind cannot lead the blind, as the saying goes. It's really no mystery why most parents don’t know what to teach their children about money.

The Wealth Coaches have financial educational programs and wealth-generating opportunities to help individuals from ages 5 to 105. We provide engaging, insightful, entertaining, practical and informative video-based online e-Learning courses for every stage of your life that will provide you and your family with the necessary lifelong learning tools to better control your money and start building generational wealth. You are just one phone call or course away from getting started.


Contact us to find out how we can help!

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