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Precious Metals Catalogue

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Welcome to our catalogue page showcasing the various precious metals products we recommend and currently offer. These items represent the Best Value from among the myriad of possible gold and silver coins, bars, bullion, and collectibles we have access to through our various suppliers. We have chosen these items to add to our collection because they offer superior cost per ounce, excellent resale value, physical attractiveness, diversification, and long-term investment potential. All products are eligible for purchase within registered accounts such as a TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, RESP, LIF, and others in other countries. Physical storage in Brinks bonded and insured facilities is required for all registered accounts and is optional for non-registered open fund purchases. A 1% annual fee applies.


Our Selection

Rather than overwhelm you with choice, we suggest you choose a selection of items from this catalogue to get started on your precious metals portfolio. If you want a specific item not shown here, please reach out to us and we can probably source it for you at the best price around.

Pricing, Currency, Shipping, and Storage

You will notice that current pricing is not shown for the simple fact that prices change by the minute and would be burdensome for us to constantly update this list. As a guide, we do show pricing as of the date shown so you can estimate your product mix subject to market fluctuations. Our pricing is shown in Canadian dollars for the convenience of our majority clientele in Canada. All precious metals transactions worldwide are effected in USD and then converted at market currency rates to your country of residence. ALL prices shown in CAD are inclusive of all transaction costs. If you wish to purchase in USD or another currency, let us know and we can quote in your native currency. Our suppliers do ship worldwide to any address, or to a storage facility in several countries. Discuss your options with your representative. 


Our Process is simple however: you give us a budget and a list of your preferred choices from this list, and we will prepare a custom quote with current market pricing listing the best mix of product to suit your needs. Rest assured, our wholesale prices with our suppliers are among the best in the industry and we pass those savings on to you, our valued students and clients. 

Academy Rewards™

What sets us apart from our competitors? Advice and rewards.


Built in to all precious metals prices offered by any supplier is a dealer profit margin. This allows us to provide you with time-sensitive relevant advice and coaching such as which items are best suited to you, what special sales may be available from our suppliers, and when the best time to buy and sell may be. Some of our competitors also offer advice but most dealers do not; they simply offer a product - take it or leave it. 

When choosing us as your precious metals representative, you will get a valuable benefit that no other supplier offers: loyalty rewards! Every precious metals purchase you make through us qualifies for up to a 4% rebate in the form of our Academy Rewards™. Our exclusive loyalty program grants you tangible spendable cash rewards that can be redeemed dollar-for-dollar on consulting services, scholarships, or tuition in our online learning platform called The Wealth Academy.  For example, a $25,000 purchase of gold coins might earn you $1000 AR's that you can apply towards one of our online courses called Hard Asset Investing or Why Gold & Silver? where you learn all about Gold, Silver, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, and Real Estate investments. 

No other firm we know of offers you Cash Back on your precious metals purchases. Give us try and see how your financial knowledge and portfolio grows over time.

Academy Rewards

NOTE: Prices shown below are NOT current live prices as the market updates every minute during the trading session. Prices are updated occasionally to provide viewers with an approximate level of pricing only. Request a Quote to get a needs-based estimate of these items and to verify product availability.  ONLY In Stock items are shown.

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Note: This form is only to be used to inquire about precious metals investing. Thank you for your interest.

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