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The Wealth Coaches

"Learn from History; Reap the Rewards!"

Financial Intelligence is the key to your long-term prosperity. We offer a wide range of financial consulting services, business development concepts, tax planning strategies, financial education courses, hard-asset investment solutions, and real business opportunities to help you both learn AND apply the Hidden Strategies and Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich.

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Ready to buy precious metals? 
Download, sign, and return this form:
Click for the free preview sections our course, "Why Gold & Silver?" where you will find all the due diligence material you will need to get started learning about and investing in precious metals. 
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NEW: Financial Literacy Crossword Puzzles

Have you tested you financial literacy lately? We have developed a new FREE educational tool to help you gauge your level of financial, business, and economic knowledge using crossword puzzles as a test. We hope you enjoy our fun and engaging way to help you discover what you do and don't know about the world of money. We will be releasing one new issue every week throughout the year so come back often to learn more in the most memorable way possible.  Share our puzzles with others and give the gift of financial literacy. Here is the first puzzle to enjoy.  Click to download and print the PDF.

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Who do we serve?

Financial Education is sorely lacking in all facets of society. Families are time-pressured and stressed trying to juggle a job, kids, after-school programs, and paying bills; employers have limited resources to help their financially-distracted and burdened employees with basic financial advice; schools have a mandated curriculum to teach that sadly neglects financial literacy; and independent financial agents and advisors are too busy trying to find new clients to take the time to educate when sales quotas are omnipresent. Let us do the teaching for you.

We serve all demographics from pre-teens to seniors offering cradle-to-grave financial literacy to all age groups.