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Career Opportunities

Help us Grow Something BIG...  ONLY  Visionaries Need Apply!

The Wealth Coaches is on a serious mission to bring much-needed financial literacy education to the masses in a very BIG way using the latest in online e-learning technology. We are in the process of building the rails and infrastructure that the modern day digital supertrains will run on. We will be partnering with hundreds, if not thousands, of independent consultants (the supertrains) to expand our reach throughout North America.


Currently there are 364 million people in North America, with an estimated 88 million who are seeking some kind of business opportunity to work on or to invest in, either on a part-time or full-time basis. With the recent financial crises in 2008 and 2020, the need to have a backup Plan B is now very apparent to most people. 

With an aging population and mass immigration gripping Canada and the United States, there is a tremendous need to bring financial literacy to the masses using the latest in digital training technology to augment traditional seminar presentations and classroom teachings. 

The Wealth Academy offers THE digital e-learning solution, while our unique licensing program offers students the opportunity to participate in the supernormal growth we are about to experience. 

We are presently seeking team members for the roles listed below to help kick-start our business model in over 600 cities throughout North America.  Our mission is to host live seminar events every weekend in all 60 states and provinces, with an average 10 city presence in each. Within these 600 locations, there will be 5 facilitators per city for a total of 3000 presenters, each conducting 1 meeting per week. That's 12,000 monthly financial literacy seminars in North America with an average of 20 attendees per event, for a total reach of 2.88 million guests annually

We expect that at an average of 20% of the attendees will enroll in one or more of our 35+ courses at an average tuition of $250 to $500 USD. This $144 million to $288 million in annual sales will be paid out at an average rate of 40% to beta testers, lead generators, seminar facilitators, fellow students, independent consultants, licensees, and approved wealth coaches. An additional 10% is planned to be set aside for various charities and fundraising causes. 


That's a staggering $57.6 million to $115.2 million in revenue sharing we intend to offer to those who join the team!

Are you ready to help create some real wealth for yourself, your clients, and your personal contacts? Then check out these great career opportunities and request to join our dynamic team today! 

An explainer video is coming soon.

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Join Our Dynamic Team

Beta Tester

10 Positions Available

Lead Generator

20 Positions Available

Referral Partner

30 Positions Available


600 Positions Available

Wealth Coach

10 Positions Available

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