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Employers today, both large and small, compete regularly to attract & retain the best employees from a dwindling pool of qualified labor as millions of highly-skilled, career baby boomers are retiring en mass, while the less-experienced and more fickle younger workers stand ready to replace them. Businesses accept that success is deeply rooted in recruiting and retaining a happy, engaged, and inspired workforce. Many employee benefit programs and flexible work schedule solutions are designed to provide an engaging and inspiring work environment that boosts productivity and retention. Yet one fundamental area is often completely neglected: employee financial education and support.

The most successful organizations understand both the need for and the significant opportunity that exists to provide enhanced financial support programs for their employees. Ideal programs should require only minimal reallocation of precious time and resources while engaging employees in the one area that matters most to them, their home and family life centered around financial stability.

The financial crisis of 2020 that was precipitated by the world-wide Coronavirus pandemic, really served as a wake-up call to employees and employers alike to the real need to help people plan for and survive the next crisis.  

The best employers today are providing their staff with the latest educational resources they need to help them better manage their own money. Rather than merely offering occasional guest speakers to host investment and product seminars with built-in sales pitches, why not empower employees to take charge of their own personal finances and learn the secrets to controlling financial stress?

We work with corporations to help their employees and their families capitalize on the latest in e-Learning financial education solutions that will help them to reduce financial stress, eliminate debt, plan for unexpected financial life events, and implement the Hidden Strategies and Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich, all without drastically burdening the HR department and the limited resources of the corporation.

The Wealth Coaches has financial educational programs to help employers of any size provide engaging, insightful, entertaining, practical and informative video-based online e-Learning courses to help equip  their staff with the necessary financial tools to mentor employees to better control their money and start building generational wealth for their families. Financially stable employees are less stressed and more productive at work when money issues are no longer preoccupying their minds.


Why not offer an enhanced employee benefit program with a financial health spending account that includes a subscription to one or more of our Wealth Academy money mastery courses? You could even subsidize their purchase of these courses or our hard asset investment programs that include precious metals, natural fancy colored diamonds, and income-producing real estate. You are just one phone call away from offering your staff the very best third-party employee financial fitness program your money can buy.


Contact us to find out how we can help!

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