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Beta Tester: The Wealth Academy

Limited Positions Available

During our beta launch phase of the online learning platform called The Wealth Academy, we are in the process of populating select course lectures with content, and new courses are being continually contemplated and designed. But we need a lot of help from you!


During this early stage of development, we are seeking VIP affiliate students to help us design, test, and promote these courses. The first class of students to join as Beta Testers, will receive unlimited access to all courses that are in development. For a limited time only, you can sign up as a beta tester, AND get paid 10% commission to promote the courses to others, all while getting full access to the entire course curriculum for a mere fraction of the regular retail price!


At the completion of the beta test and pre-launch phases (estimated to be 12/31/2022, depending on the speed of development of current and new courses not yet conceived), you will receive a very special subscription offer to receive LIFETIME access to all current and future courses we develop, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees!

To encourage early course adoption, all tuition fees have been set at a minimum of 50% off the regular price. Both beta testers and regular students can enroll in them prior to the full launch to get lifetime access to these courses by enrolling in one or more at the pre-launch prices.

  • To participate in this program and Become a Beta Tester, you need to first create a new member account on this website by clicking the Login button at the top of the page. 

  • Once you login, visit the My Account page and scroll down to the Beta Tester section for more details and your next steps. The first 20 students to enroll as a tester will earn an additional 20% discount. 

  • Once we receive your registration and subscription, we will manually enroll you in all courses currently in development. You will also receive a unique affiliate VIP cookie code that you can use to invite other students to enroll. You will receive a 10% finder's fee for each student your refer who enrolls through your link. Your referrals may enroll as a beta tester or as a regular student in any of the courses at pre-launch prices. 

This offer is available only to the first class of students to enroll as beta testers, and the offer can be withdrawn without notice at any time. Take part in the future of financial education today. Together, we visionaries can change the world for the better!

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