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So you have some questions? Hopefully you will find your answers here. If not, Contact Us directly. 

  • I want to become a member of The Wealth Coaches. How do I start?
    Visit the home page and start with the steps at the top of the home page. Follow those instructions and someone will be in touch soon. While you are waiting, be sure to visit The Wealth Academy (see gold button at the top of the page) and begin to browse the many courses you will soon have access to.
  • In times of rising prices, what is the best way to protect against surging inflation?
    Every "expert" under the sun has a different opinion on what assets are the best hedge against inflation but, for over 5000 years and counting, only Gold has proven itself to be real money and the perfect way to preserve one's wealth against the ever-present ravages of inflation and the erosion of purchasing power caused be rising prices in the economy. To see a real world example of this inflation protection in action, see our Gold & Silver Education page and scroll down to the two examples of the classic Mustang 1965 vehicle and the 4 Bedroom home in Coach James' childhood neighborhood, both of which have not only preserved purchasing power since 1966 but actually increased it over a 56+ year time frame. So rather than empty theories, let's allow the fasts to speak for themselves!
  • I want to acquire precious metals within my registered accounts. What steps do I need to take to facilitate that strategy?
    You must first open a discount brokerage trading account at Questrade which is the only custodian of precious metals investing in Canada. Once that account is open, you will need to request a Transfer In of your current registered accounts from your current institutions. This can take up to 30 days to happen. You will also need to complete a Dealer Authorization Form which allows us to authorize the bullion dealer to "pull" the funds from Questrade whenever you make a bullion purchase using your registered funds. All registered accounts must be denominated in US dollars except for RESP's which must remain in Canadian funds. To save you about 1-2% on the currency conversion process compared to the banks, our inside agent at Questrade will be put in contact with you to make the currency conversion at severely discounted rates, potentially saving your thousands in conversion fees. We can be of great assistance helping you facilitate your bullion investments inside your tax-sheltered registered accounts. Make a smart move into bullion by contacting us today. Be sure to enroll in our online course called Why Gold & Silver? where all the steps will be explained.
  • What are the withdrawl rules for RESP's?
    Here are the RESP withdrawal rules from several third party sources.

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