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In addition to performing our financial planning duties in front of clients, modern day advisors are often preoccupied with these common questions:

  • How do I prospect and acquire new clients more effectively through networks and automated referral systems?

  • How can I offer valued-added educational services and referral products that enhance my client relationships?

  • How do I expand my client base by building upon existing trusted client connections to vertically and horizontally reach their parents, children, and relatives, thereby protecting my business from competitors?

In this age of advanced technology marketing bots, artificial intelligence, and social media advertising that is predominantly exploited by big money firms like banks and large mutual fund companies, smaller independent financial planners, advisors, insurance agents, and realtors alike face tremendous challenges attracting & retaining quality clientele in such an extremely competitive marketplace.

Conversely, would-be clients have a tremendous and bewildering array of options to choose from and have little expertise in selecting a skilled advisor who will put their interests in front of commissions. It is true that most advisors honestly strive to help families by offering an appropriate balance of good service, education, and inspiration, all the while maximizing their own advisory fees. To justify their earnings, the best advisors differentiate themselves from the crowd by providing excellent customer service, total dedication, personal mentorship, and value-add e-learning educational programs. Sometimes though, clients just need a live person and trusted friend to talk to after all the training, coaching, and planning is done.

Although the best-trained advisors are comfortable with the level of product knowledge they can offer, sometimes they need help educating and inspiring clients to put action plans into place. E-learning programs are the ideal “arrow in the quiver” to augment your coaching efforts.

The Wealth Coaches Academy provides advisors and institutions an independent state-of-the-art, e-Learning platform that they can offer to their clients as a value-added coaching service. Clients receive lifetime learning that helps advisors better connect with, train, motivate, and inspire all generations with leading-edge practical knowledge.

Our training topics go far beyond what is typically offered by most advisory firms that either can’t, won’t, or don’t offer to their advisors in training programs due to limited resources, lack of product shelf depth, or fear of competition. If you don’t educate your clients on topics offered outside your current product line, you could lose those clients to advisors who do take the time to educate them.

  • Financial Intelligence is the key to client retention.

Contact us today to discuss how you can begin to utilize our growing lineup of educational courses that will enhance your ability to connect with new prospects, strengthen client relationships, and add value to the families and businesses you serve.

Want to provide our content to your clients but under your own private branding? We can even white-label our programs and brand them exclusively for you.

Do you need a special course created for client education that we don't currently offer? We can work with you to develop one. Or perhaps you require an employee training program for internal use? We can help you create your own academy that is used exclusively for training your advisors. Visit our sister business ThoughtWurx to learn more about building your own custom training platform. 

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