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BLC Referral Partner Program

How to become an independent BLC Referral Partner (BLCRP) with The Wealth Coaches

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Bottom Line is a consulting company in business since 2009 which lowers its clients’ costs by reducing category specific expenditures and identifying unclaimed assets, refunds, prebates, rebates, credits and/or other forms of monetary savings. Since the passage of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Stimulus Act (“CARES Act”), Bottom Line has assisted eligible clients navigate the complex process of claiming Employee Retention Credits (“ERC”). In exchange for Bottom Line’s services, a client pays Bottom Line a fee based upon a percentage of the total amount of ERC refunds received by such client. BLC pays a referral fee to its referral partners for each successfully funded client.


Should you decide to become a referral partner with us and our strategic vendor, BottomLine Concepts, you will earn up to a 10% referral commission per successfully-funded referral. Your role would be to reach out to prospects and refer our ERC (Employee Retention Credit) program to qualified US-based businesses who had between 5 and 500 qualified W2 employees during the Covid19 lockdowns, who experienced a loss of income or business disruptions between March 13, 2020 and September 30, 2021, and whom have not previously applied for and received money from this program. Our Florida-based service provider, BLC, is the top cost recovery consulting firm in the industry and has been successful so far in securing tax rebates for over 44,000 of its clients totaling over $5 Billion at the rate of $650 million per month. By June of 2023, it is expected that BLC will be filing claims for its clients totaling over $1 billion per month.

We are seeking to recruit, train, and mentor a team of 20 BLC Referral Partners with a desire to earn $1 Million USD each with this ERC program before the project hard deadline of 04/15/2025.


BLC Referral Partner Prospect SummaryJames Steele IV
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If you have a sincere desire to earn a life-changing income on a full-time or part-time business working remotely or in our call center at Space Central in downtown Calgary, then we need to have a conversation to show you how we plan to achieve this goal. We require no minimum quotas and there is no cost to become a BLCRP, but there will be office space, business productivity tools, and other optional expenses available to you as a business consultant.

As a BLCRP, you will be required to complete a W8 Tax Form in Canada (W9 in the US) with BLC in order to be paid directly by them in USD. Alternatively, should you choose a research lead generator role to source leads for the BLCRP team and to contact prospective clients through social media and email campaigns, you will be compensated directly by us for all referrals where we undertake the entire BLC referral process after your "warm referral" introduction. Should you choose to be proactively involved with prospect contact marketing, there is an ongoing training program available to you that occurs both in-person at our offices in Space Central, as well as with extensive online training from the vendor to help you maximize your referral potential.

Interested applicants should continue reading the remainder of this information page, watch the embedded videos, and review the links and documentation contained herein to learn more.


BLC Referral Agent Program: Text

For the current updated information link in the form of a digital business card, click the button and review all of the content on that page before continuing here. The scrollable card is also embedded here below in this page for your convenience

How it Works

The following sections introduce you to what the ERC program is, how our referral program works, and the potential income you could make with us by simply referring people to this amazing time-limited financial opportunity (with a hard end date of April 15 2025) using a unique coded link that will be created for you by our provider or by us, depending on how you choose to participate. Learn more about the ERC program by watching these three quick videos followed by the training webinar in the later section featuring the CEO of BLC, Mr. Josh Fox.

To view in full screen on a mobile, tap a video, then the expand button ◙.


James Steele IV | The Wealth Coaches | Trilogy Promotions Inc. is an approved BottomLine Concepts Referral Partner which means we were authorized by the company to represent their service offering to prospective qualifying businesses in the United States; to use their proprietary graphics and email templates; to generate a wide variety of referral campaign links that can be used in emails, embedded in websites, and posted to various social media platforms; and to train and mentor a team of additional Sub-Referral Partners to do the same. This is NOT an MLM or affiliate program but rather a direct referral sales partner role directly between BLC and the independent referral partner. 


Using a variety of sales and marketing prospecting techniques, we research, identify, and contact small to medium sized businesses in the USA with 5-500 employees to survey whether or not they have already applied for the ERC payroll tax rebate program, and then to connect them to a BottomLine sales agent who will further ascertain their eligibility. When applicable, they will be offered to engage in a contingency fee agreement that will lead to a refund of their overpaid payroll taxes made in 2020 and or 2021.


Each BLCRP will receive a personally-coded retail link page like mine here. When someone clicks on that linked page, a tracking cookie is placed on the user's device which remains active until the user cleans cookies during machine maintenance. Should that referred business owner later use that page to request a callback or engage in a contingency agreement, the Referral Partner will be notified and receive compensation for all successful funding transactions. 


Once BottomLine receives its payment, the referral partner will be paid by the 15th of the following month at the latest.


Thus, you get paid directly for performance, so long as you remain an BLC Referral Partner. 

Referal Income Potential

Below you will find a graphic estimation of the potential referral fees a typical referral partner might earn with us during the course of this program's availability.  


Assuming a typical company of 50 employees each qualifying for the $10,000 - $26,000 per employee benefit, and a BLC contingency fee of 15-30%, and a full referral partner fee of 10%, the following calculation is used to determine your potential referral commission.  


# of employees X employee rebate amount X contingency fee rate X referral fee rate


In this typical example we get a range of possible commission amounts of between: $7,500 - $39,000 USD

Low: 50 x $10,000 x 15% x 10% =  $7,500

Average: 50 x $10,000 x 20% x 10% =  $10,000

High: 50 x $26,000 x 30% x 10% =  $39,000


This is a typical small business example and is likely on the conservative side. Using this modest average rebate example at the 20% contingency fee rate, and assuming a regular sales activity level as shown in the graph below, over the 24 month period of April 2023 - April 2025, a referral partner could make $1 Million USD by simply referring 100 businesses to BLC. That works out to Only 1 referral per week! Based on typical sales funnel ratios, an average consultant might need to make as little as 100 calls or email contacts per week to find the equivalent of one average business to reach this target! 

Are you willing to make 5,700+ attempted calls* (56/wk @ 20/day x 5 days/wk) or email reach-outs to US-based businesses between today and April 15, 2025 to make $1 Million USD? That's $192 per call!

If so, then what are you waiting for? Contact Us today to learn how to get started.


FACT: By the way, as an independent consultant, we can show you how to accumulate at least $20,000 in annual business deductions to mitigate the extra tax you will be paying on your enormous surge in income. And that's a great problem to have, wouldn't you agree?

Referral Partner Income Projection

* Below is a conservative estimate of the potential consulting income you could earn before this program expires. Click to try different figures in the colored numbers to see the impact on your outcome. Mobile users must scroll left and right, and double tap to update the numbers to see the totals change. 

Below is an index of playlists from our YouTube channel feature organized clips on various topics extracted from the weekly BottomLine Concepts training calls.

BLC Client Testimonials

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Step 1: Submit the Request to Become a BottomLine Concepts Referral Partner (BLCRP) with The Wealth Coaches team

The first step to becoming a BLCRP with us so you can refer ERC to our vendor directly or to our partner account and earn yourself a referral fee, is for you to complete the request form below.

Step 2: Complete the Referral Partner Agreement and W8 Form

If you are requesting to become a Sub-Referral Partner with The Wealth Coaches, you will be sent the required Referral Partner Agreement and W8 Tax form directly from BottomLine. You will need to digitally sign those documents with BLC before you can be sent the onboarding documents and coded links you will need to market yourself.


If simply becoming a direct referral partner to The Wealth Coaches in exchange for a consulting fee, your will be sent a different agreement from us.


NOTE: If you haven't yet done so, you will need to create a member account on this website using the Login button at the top right corner of this page. 

Step 3: Join our Training Program

Once accepted as a Referral Partner and you have received your back office access to the BLC system, it is time to begin reviewing the extensive library of training material available to you from the vendor. In addition, you have the option to join our additional training program and office space in Calgary (or virtually) to enhance your chances of success as we coach, train, and motivate you to achieve your goals. Further details will be provided during the onboarding process.


We look forward to welcoming you to our dynamic team of ERC Independent Referral Partners. What are your waiting for? Fill out the form and get started! 

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