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Tranont Solar

Solar Opportunity

"Changing the planet one rooftop at a time"

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Have you ever referred a friend or stranger to a good restaurant or promoted an awesome movie to someone? Did you get paid for the referral business? Why not?


Can you send a text or website link using your phone? If so, then you can be an independent consultant (with taxable benefits!) to send business our way. YOU set your own hours and YOU use a simple Smart Phone app or website page that rewards you for referring customers to our strategic financial services partner, Tranont™, and their numerous solution providers, including Tranont Solar.


Dedicated knowledgeable inside sales employees at each referred company do all the sales work for you once they receive your referral lead, and you get paid for as long as the customer sticks with the provider. YOU don't have to sell - just refer, then the trained customer service reps handle it all and YOU GET PAID the commission. It's literally that simple!


Click the picture above to watch the 8-minute intro. Click the Small Business Tax Savings button below to understand the taxable benefits of running your own private solar referral business from home, and click on the TV image below to watch the hour long training video on how to refer solar energy to relatives, friends, neighbors, and businesses.

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