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IT Tech Support, ID Theft Protection, Online Safety

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The Wealth Coaches is excited to be able to offer our business and consumer clients state-of-the-art Identity Theft Protection, Computer Protection & Tech Support, and Social Media & Online Safety services. We have formed a strategic partnership with Invisus, the worldwide leader in the field of IT Support.


We now provide Total defense against identity theft, cybercrime and online threats—in a single package for our clients in Canada and the USA. This service includes unlimited tech support for your devices for the entire family when choosing that optional. Invisus, which is latin for Invisible, offers an exclusive package of services unique to the IT industry. No other provider offers an all-in-one technology solution. We can now help residential and business consumers save on average 50% on their protection needs. 

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Common Questions

At INVISUS, we provide you with significant cost savings for professional computer support services every time you need assistance. The brand name security products like Norton, McAfee, as well as computer services companies like the Geek Squad, charge high per minute or per incident service fees anytime you need live personalized help.

With the average computer requiring fixes and repairs an average of twice a year, and with security problems at an all time high, this can hit the pocketbook hard for anyone who owns a computer today. In fact, American consumers now spend over $4 billion every year on PC repairs including virus and spyware removals and system cleanups. This doesn't include the cost for downtime, or the cost of having to purchase a new computer altogether. Increasingly, maintaining and repairing computers is costing as much as the computer itself. It's not a question of "if" you will need professional help, it's a matter of "when".

Our service subscribers enjoy the benefit of actually saving money with our service because you won't pay the stiff price the rest of the industry charges for live help. Every security checkup, system cleanup, virus removal, spyware removal, etc. that we do for our customers amounts to real bottom line savings to members of the INVISUS community.

No per minute costs. No per incident charges. Just unlimited service at no extra cost. And you don't have to pull apart your PC and haul it down to a repair shop and wait for days to get it cleaned up. As an added huge bonus, you'll have an English speaking, U.S. based technician personally helping you every time you need assistance.

We are here to help make your computer hassle free and safe again. And we are here to save you money in the process. 

Let's say you call in for help because your computer is acting up, you've somehow picked up a virus, and your computer has slowed down considerably. When one of our technicians finishes the job of giving your system a checkup and a cleanup, our systems automatically record an estimated average amount of money that the service you just received would have cost you if you had taken your computer somewhere else.

After you get help from one of our technicians and the job is finished, you'll receive an email from your technician with a summary of the work completed, and any amount of money you just saved. We keep track of all the money we save you every time you get assistance from us. You can see the total amount you've saved anytime you login to your personal account in the online Customer Account Center .

The Customer Savings number is calculated by comparing average per incident and per minute charges taken from a blend of major companies on the market who charge for similar services that we don't charge for. This is a floating standard based on averaged published prices and changes with market price fluctuations.

We don't record any savings if someone calls in for questions about using the software, or for help with software installation, etc. because that kind of help is included with most software you purchase today.

The Customer Savings grand total on the site is updated in real time every time a member of the INVISUS community saves money with our service - compared to if they would have gotten help elsewhere. Check back to this site anytime for current grand totals!

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"I am very proficient with computers and IT in general, so I thought I didn't need any extra support. The first time I used Defend, the techs at Invisus were a real pleasure to deal with. They discovered over 3000 viruses, tracking cookies, and other malware which I had missed with my own maintenance. I have called several times over the last year for various tweaks and scans, and have never been charged a dime extra for all the IT support I have needed. Unlike a call to Microsoft or a local tech where each service call costs $125 minimum, I no longer need to spend extra money or waste my time with tech support anymore! AND, to have lost wallet protection, ID Theft protection, and social media guardian in addition, the value-for-money proposition is second to none. EVERY business and consumer needs this protection package. Don't wait until a Ransomware attack disables your computer and costs you more than money."

James Steele IV

Calgary, Alberta

Customer Testimonials

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