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Precious Metals Investing in Registered Accounts

The Wealth Coaches - Welcome Page

The Wealth Coaches are pleased to be able to offer fully-eligible precious metals investments into Registered Accounts to help savers diversify their portfolios with gold and silver bullion, bars, and coins to better hedge against inflation and stock market volatility.


Do you measure your wealth in ounces?


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"We help investors allocate and grow their wealth in tax sheltered Registered Investments using real, tangible, historical money: Gold & Silver coins, bars, and bullion.

We have a strategic alliance with an A+ rated BBB Alberta-based supplier of both governmental and private bullion mints offering precious metal investments and certified, bonded, insured, and geographically dispersed Brinks storage."

Diversifying your RRSP or other registered savings plans into physical gold and silver has never been easier!

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Learn about Gold & Silver for registered accounts

Registered Account Basics - What Qualifies?

We can help you diversify your registered account portfolio into physical gold and silver bullion to provide a counterweight to the rest of your investment portfolio.

Available for all Registered Savings Plans including TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, RRIF, LIF, and RESP.

  • Physical Gold and Silver held in your account name only 
    Unlike gold certificates or other “paper” investments, your account holds the exact physical bullion you invested in.

  • Fully Insured Storage 
    Your physical gold and silver is insured by both Brinks Canada and our broker, with additional account protection provided by CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Fund).

  • Instant Liquidity 
    All qualified registered bullion investments can be sold back to us with the proceeds returned to your account quickly.

  • Rapid Delivery 
    If you decide to de-register your funds and take physical possession of your bullion, it can be quickly shipped to you directly from the Brinks storage facility (after deduction of required withholding taxes.)

The time-compounding tax-sheltered growth of the earnings within a registered account can be truly life-changing compared to investing the same amounts in non-tax-sheltered investments where earnings are taxed annually on the growth of the investment plan. See the illustration below.

Investors are free to select their own investment product mix in which to invest their contributions during the life of the registered plan subject only to the eligibility rules. 

At this unique time in history, we recommend holding over-weighted proportions of your retirement portfolio in both gold and silver bullion, bars, and coins. A weighting of 75% silver and 25% gold is the recommended ratio given the historically undervalued price of silver relative to gold. See our Gold & Silver Education section to better understand the rationale for precious metals at this time.

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The Case for Precious Metals

What about Buy-and-Hold Mutual Funds?

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Due Diligence

To get started on your research, download our excellent, in-depth due diligence package.

Our Suppliers

For background on our current precious metals suppliers, download this detailed handout.

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