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Hosted by The Wealth Coaches


CASHFLOW 101 Calgary

Investing is a skill that most can’t simply learn from a book. The alternative of learning in the ‘real world’ could prove costly. You need to first understand your own behavior. CASHFLOW 101 from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, was created as a fun, powerful, and experiential way to teach investing and wealth building. Manage assets and liabilities, trade stocks, and fight your way out of the Rat Race.


If you have the chance to help someone learn to build wealth and escape the rat race, shouldn’t it be a friend? Gather in groups with a few old friends or a couple of new aquaintances; it doesn’t matter. You’ll always remember the first time you played CASHFLOW 101 together. Register now for our next FREE local Calgary users group meet-up for a great day of learning and friendship.


We begin with a fun, information-filled, thought-provoking documentary film on topics relevant to our long-term investing strategies. We'll get the games set up while enjoying a potluck dinner. After that, we'll play the game into the wee hours.


When registering, please specify what food you will be bringing that is not already on the list below so we can ensure variety. This page will be updated with your food donation shortly after receipt of your registration to help others decide what they will bring. Please register at least 2 days in advance so we can plan each event accordingly.




Since we may have people in the group with food allergies / intolerances, please bring either the food packages with ingredients lists of the food you are bringing and / or make a list of the ingredients contained in your food items.


To discuss this event further, contact us at 403-269-4100.

For the next upcoming event, here is the current list of food items that attendees will be bringing.


  • TBA and BYOB.

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