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"The Billionaire TV Salesman"



It's 1938 and families all over the USA and Canada have gathered around the old-fashioned radio tube box to listen to the Halloween Sunday night mystery theatre radio show, The War of the World's by H.G. Wells. (click to listen).


Like most post-war families of the time, friends and relatives were relegated to using their imaginations to experience the first science fiction reality show on “live” RADIO as they listened to reporters describing in vivid detail, complete with sound effects, a martian invasion of earth.


The radio drama interrupted family gatherings all over North America, and led to numerous deaths resulting from the mass panic of many listeners who missed the opening disclaimer.


Now imagine it’s 1945, you are 12 years old, and your parents bring home their very first television set. You are witnessing a modern miracle as you watch ghostly black and white images dancing on a 12-inch glass CRT (cathode ray tube) screen, complete with sound, as the comedians of the day entertain the several thousand households that could afford this contraption. Critics say it will never catch on. Churches warn of the satanic influence that could come from this technology. And still others can’t understand the need for this outrageously expensive luxury item.


The cheapest model with a 12-inch screen was $445 (equivalent to $7,481 in 2017!]


Despite the cost, many people are immediately curious and ask your dad where they too can get one. He refers them to the sales manager at the local RCA Victor store and many of them rush down there to get one... 


And so began a revolution that literally changed the world. 


However, it almost never happened thanks to Hitler and WWII. Only about 7,000–8,000 electronic TV sets were made in the U.S. before the War Production Board halted their manufacture in April 1942 to direct resources to the war effort. Production resumed in earnest in August 1945. Television usage in the western world soon skyrocketed after WWII with the lifting of the manufacturing freeze, war-related technological advances, the drop in television prices caused by mass production, increased leisure time, and additional disposable income.


While only 0.5% of U.S. households had a TV set in 1946, 55.7% had one by 1954, and more than 90% by 1962. In Britain, there were 15,000 television households in 1947, 1.4 million in 1952, and 15.1 million by 1968.


By the late 60's and early 70's, color TV had come into wide use. In Britain, BBC1, BBC2 and ITV were regularly broadcasting in color by 1969.


"WHAT IF": your dad had seen the remarkable future growth potential for televisions and he had figured out a way to make money on each and every TV sold as a result of his private showing that day; how rich would he have been? But how could he have accomplished this you may ask?


Perhaps he made an arrangement with the TV manufacturer, RCA, to become an independent contractor with a unique tracking number assigned to him that he could give to everyone he spoke to about televisions. Then, he printed his number on a business card, flyer, or coupon that offered an exclusive discount incentive to all the future buyers that he DIRECTLY referred to RCA. By simply bypassing the middleman at the local store, your dad earned a nice commission, the customer got a bigger discount, and RCA lowered its cost of sales. Everyone wins, except the local retailer, of course.


But your dad, realizing he can’t possibly capture everyone as a customer by himself, suggests that his new customers should also receive a tracking number linked to his number, AND that they too would earn the same referral fee when they referred a new TV customer to RCA. Dad also says to RCA that he really should be rewarded for those extra-spin off sales as well since those sales came from his original television customers he had referred.


So RCA, which is now selling more TV’s than ever before (thanks to your dad's efforts), and is also lowering its costs of production because of economies of scale, offers to share some of the extra profits with your dad, AND with every one of his initial customers who are also driving further referral sales of more TV sales to RCA. As a result of his vision and very creative idea, your dad becomes the TV sales king of America and fabulously wealthy, through the one-time referral sales of TV’s he started by simple "word-of-mouth" advertising from his living room in 1945.


In 1980, having watched your dad succeed tremendously in business, you follow his lead and offer a similar referral fee arrangement to the newly-created cable broadcast companies whereby you would capture a percentage of each subscriber’s monthly cable bill that you referred, for as long as the customer sticks with his cable package.


And you become the first

billionaire in your family! 


The lesson here is that you do the work once and can get paid residually for ALL revenue your initial referral ultimately generates for the product or service supplier.


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The Year is Now 2017


A similar opportunity is here now for YOU to participate financially in the fastest-growing energy production segment of the $2 Trillion-dollar Energy Industry.


Solar power still represents only 0.28% of world-wide electricity generation capacity but, 90% of that capacity has been installed in just the last 10 years, and most of that since the beginning of 2015.


There is one NEW solar installation

happening every 2 minutes!


Solar has now surpassed all other newly-installed forms of electricity generation capacity. In 2015, 53% of all new electricity generation installations came from Solar.


Utilizing a business model much like the fictitious TV sales example, YOU can now leverage your time and create massive wealth for you and your family, and obtain true financial freedom from the solar industry revolution.


But you must embrace this opportunity now. You already missed profiting from TV, cable, personal computers, CD/DVD/MP3 players, Microsoft, Apple (iPods, iPhones), the Internet, e-commerce, cell phones, and dozens of other technology revolutions that have happened in just the last 60 years. Billions of dollars of wealth have been created. How much did you get?


Trillions are now up for grabs with green energy! 




Unlike the MLM and direct sales models used by so many product retailers of today, NO SELLING, NO PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE, and NO RECRUITING are required in our business plan.


To learn how Tranont Solar has partnered with businesses like ours to create the most powerful and lucrative business opportunity you will ever see again in your lifetime, contact us today.


In just a few short minutes we can explain the simple business model and how you can SAVE money by eliminating your own electric bill - FOREVER, AND how YOU can profit from the coming POWER WAVE of millions of residential, industrial, commercial, and solar farm installations that will occur over the next 20+ years.


And best of all, various levels of government are now PAYING customers to SWITCH to solar power by offering generous rebates and tax incentives!


Time and again in history it has been proven that it is the visionaries who are the ones to profit from the supernormal growth in a technological revolution. We are on the precipice of the greatest technological shift to occur since the Industrial Revolution.


How much of the $2 Trillion dollars do you want to get your hands on? It’s up to you now to do something with this vision we have given you.


Contact us today. Your future is in your hands. Act Now.


Grab YOUR slice of the $5.7 Trillion+ Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Green Energy

pie. It's already happening with or without you so take our advice and Learn More Now.


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