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The Wealth Coaches is pleased to announce that James Steele IV is now a Cost Analyst representing Get Energy, a trade name of Utility Network & Partners Inc., a licensed marketer of energy under the Consumer Protection Act, and an Independent Energy Retailer in Alberta, Canada. The Wealth Coaches is now an independent marketing affiliate for Get Energy, a licensed retailer of electricity and natural gas in Alberta. They offer very competitive rates and help keep prices low through strategic partnerships with suppliers in deregulated energy markets across North America, like AltaGas, through a paperless billing system, and through a marketing platform that profit-shares with independent marketing affiliates like us. All of this means better prices for consumers.


As an independent marketing affiliate & cost analyst for Get Energy, James has taken the in-house training program, and is now able to provide energy consumers with a confidential detailed analysis of their energy statements from their current provider. If a costs savings can be achieved, he will let you know in a detailed report. 

What do you have to lose by requesting a quote, other than the excess energy fees you have been paying for all these years? He can help you put more money in your pocket!

"We can now analyze residential and business energy statements looking for cost savings on statement fees, retail mark-ups, and energy usage.

In most cases, we should be able to save consumers 10%-65% on their energy usage fees, all with NO CONTRACTS, NO HIDDEN FEES, FLOATING and FIXED RATE PLANS, and BEST-IN-CLASS 24/7 customer service."


FACTS about Get Energy.

  • Get Energy is a trade name of Utility Network & Partners Inc., a licensed marketer of energy under the Consumer Protection Act, providing retail electricity and natural gas services in Alberta, with plans to expand nationally across Canada.

  • Get Energy

    • offers very competitive rates and keep prices low through strategic partnerships with suppliers in deregulated energy markets across North America, like AltaGas, through a paperless billing system, and through a marketing platform that profit-shares with independent affiliate organizations, including The Wealth Coaches. In a deregulated energy market, all of this means better prices for consumers.

    • Partnered with the biggest wholesale energy suppliers, generators, and distributors in the energy industry, including AltaGas, who provides energy hedging services.

    • Serves tens of thousands of consumers in Alberta.

  • AltaGas is a multinational energy wholesaler who provides the natural gas delivery as well as the electricity hedging strategies that helps Get Energy provide a low-cost solution for consumers. 

 Request a Quote 

To calculate your potential savings on your own, click the Energy Calculator button to get started. 


To request a more detailed 12-month comparative analysis and quote based on your current provider, click the Statement Upload widget below to send me your most recent statements and I will provide you with a detailed report and recommendation.


When completing the form below, you may optionally enter the name of person who referred you to us. If referred by someone other than James Steele, please mention that person in the field provided so we can give thanks where it is due. 

QUOTE REQUIREMENTS – To provide a detailed competitive quote, I will require at least your 3 most recent electricity and/or natural gas statements in order to fully analyze your current fee structure. We utilize a multi-point checklist looking for areas of opportunity to HELP SAVE YOU MONEY


Experience suggests that the vast majority of consumers have no idea what charges and fees are controllable in their statements, whether they are on a fixed or variable rate plan, what they are paying to their provider, and when the right time is to switch plans.  


As a consultant working for YOU, my job is to educate you on these factors, why you may be unknowingly paying a premium for your energy services, and how to minimize those costs; something your current provider will has no incentive to do since it will sacrifice their profits.

Further, I am willing to reassess your statements any time with a complimentary rate review to ensure you are optimizing your energy plan. As a consumer myself, I will reach out to all my clients with a newsletter anytime I see a need to make a recommended change to their plans. 

You may simply upload a copy of your most recent statements to my secure DropBox safe using the widget and I will prepare your personalized quote.​

Please use ONLY IF the upload widget is not

working, to send to my encrypted Email.

If you are unwilling provide at least this essential information, then please don’t request a quote because it will be difficult to offer an informed estimate of the cost savings you could achieve.

Please keep in mind that all information you provide is extremely confidential, will be treated with the utmost privacy, and will not be discussed with the any third party who may have referred you to Get Energy for the purpose of seeking a quote.

Common Questions

I already have a good rate with my current provider.

That's great, but could it be even better? Let us see if we can help identify any areas of opportunity where you could possibly save money with your current provider. We offer a NO OBLIGATION customized statement analysis that most consumers find very revealing.


  • When was the last time you were offered a rate review by your current provider?

  • When is the last time they called you to lower your rates with them?

  • Why does it take a prompt from a third party to suggest this idea to you? 

In our very transparent proposal, which includes all fixed and variable charges assessed by your current provider, we disclose to you the rates you are being charged and how we can help lower those fees by 10-65%, in most cases. Our quotes will help educate you on these charges and allow you to make better decisions regarding your choice of service provider.

Q: What do you have to lose by requesting a quote? Nothing but a few minutes of your time to send us your most recent statement for analysis. We'll take it from there and show you how to save money, whether you choose to switch to Get Energy or remain where you are. Either way, you will be better educated on how to better manage your fees. Now that is just smart money management.

I think I am in a contract and/or I have an Early Cancellation Fee.

Most of the consumers that we deal with already are NOT locked into a contract. Rather, they are on a locked-in rate term which simply guarantees them a predictable rate for a set term. Only in rare cases do consumers actually have a cancellation penalty to switch providers. 


Once we analyze your current bill and calculate the monthly savings, we can advise you on these facts.

We have both Fixed rates and monthly Floating rate plans. The current rates are available upon request or by visiting

Is Get Energy the cheapest energy retailer in Alberta?

Get Energy is offering competitive prices that are similar to other retailers in the market. Get Energy may be cheaper than some retailers and more expensive than other retailers. Retailers change their pricing model and promotions every month or so making it impossible to always be the best option on the market today. In addition, the price of the commodities change daily making today's offer better or worse than yesterday's. Rest assured that we are offering you a fair and competitive product that is about the same or better than what you currently have.

What charges are different when switching retailers?

The only two charges that will change are the “Admin Charge” and the “Energy Charge”. All other charges including distribution charges, transmission charges, rate riders, access fees, etc. will all remain the same.

What is the difference between fixed and variable rates?

  • Fixed rates are guaranteed for a certain period and do not change; the bill can change depending on how much energy is used, but the rate does not change.

  • A fixed rate plan provides you with stability and peace of mind. A fixed rate product may be higher or lower than utility rates, but, unlike utility rates, a fixed rate product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your energy.

  • Variable rates change every month and are based on the market. They are typically lower than fixed rates but can be volatile and the future cost is unknown. A variable rate plan allows you to purchase energy at market-based prices that change from month to month. While a variable rate is subject to monthly price increases or decreases, it may help you realize the lowest possible cost in the market. However, it also exposes you to possible price increases, and, unlike a fixed rate, a variable rate does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility rate.

If I have an issue with my power going out or my gas not working, who do I call?

Get Energy is the retailer for billing purposes. However, you will still call the same wire owner or pipeline owner (distribution company) as you do now for a service request or emergency.

Do I need to call my existing retailer and let them know that I am changing retailers?

If you have a contract with your current retailer, you need to call your them and ensure there are no exit fees.

Am I signing a contract?

Yes, all customers in Alberta sign energy contracts when not on the default rate. There is no penalty to leave a Get Energy contract and you can exit at any time.

Do I need to be home when my services are changed?

Switching from one retailer to another retailer is done virtually, there is no need for a site visit. There is also no interruption of service when switching from one retailer to another.

What payment methods does Get Energy offer? How do I pay my monthly energy fees?

Get Energy offers Pre-Authorized debit as a simple, automated payment method. You simply provide your banking transmit information and we will EFT your funds directly from your account just as you would with any other monthly bills. 

I don’t want any disruption.

If you decide to switch, the process is incredibly Fast & Easy. Your simply need to click the Sign Up button on our Get Energy portal and you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to approve the switch. There is absolutely no interruption to your service and typically no need to notify your current provider. Within about 5 days, your energy delivery will be provided by Get Energy. You will receive one final partial invoice from your current retailer and then Get Energy will be sending energy statements at the end of each month going forward. It's as simple as that. 

I don’t have time for this right now.

Successful consumers and business owners alike are never too busy to find ways to improve their bottom line. A penny saved is a penny earned. If we saved a business $500 in energy at a gross profit margin of 15%, that is equivalent to selling an additional $3333 in revenue.. As a consumer in a 30% tax bracket, one must earn $715 before tax in order to have $500 in after-tax income left over.  


All we need today is your statements and an email address to return your NO Obligation quote. If you like what you see, you can start saving money today! 

General Information

  • There are no signup fees

  • There are no cancellation fees for residential and small business

  • There are no deposits required

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