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Home Security & Home Automation Systems

The Wealth Coaches - Welcome Page

The Wealth Coaches is excited to be able to offer our business and consumer clients state-of-the-art Home Security & Home Automation services. We have formed a strategic partnership with two industry leaders, Vivint - the worldwide leader in monitoring/automation security, and NorthStar Alarm Services.


We now provide Total Security Monitoring & Automation solutions for homes and businesses in a single package for our clients in Canada and the USA. Both providers offer similar packages with Vivint specializing in Canada and Northstar in the USA. 

The Wealth Coaches - Welcome Page

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Customer Testimonials

  • James Steele IV: "I am very excited to be able to offer clients a total solution package for their security needs. The technological innovations of the last half century have spawned such  modern wonders as the internet, smartphones, wireless communications, video over WiFi, remote control of appliances and HVAC systems, remote security monitoring, and much more. Finally, innovative companies like Vivint have pulled these technologies together into one integrated smarthome security and automation platform that will address 3 of our key financial steps to money mastery: Save, Protect, and Make money. Not only will this state-of-the-art security and automation system help you save money on insurance premiums, it will also protect you from break-ins, fires, CO poisoning, floods, and other disasters. AND, through our unique a referral fee program, clients can earn a commission and potential tax deduction on their own system by referring new clients. Contact Us to learn more.

  • I had the pleasure of having two Vivint reps arrive at the home to provide a no-obligation quote and to demonstrate the equipment. It was extremely high quality gear and beautifully suits the decor. I am really looking forward to the many cool features such as the door bell camera, auto thermostat, remote viewing and alert capabilities, and the recording option that provides up to 30 days of recording archives in the event of an incident in the condo. Great service from Vivint!

  • EVERY business and consumer needs this protection package. Don't wait until a fire, break-in, home invasion, or medical issue arises. Just like you can't buy insurance after the fire, you need to protect yourself BEFORE tragedy strikes. At under $2/day, it's the cheapest peace of mind money can buy!"

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