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Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

Certified 'Conflict Free' from the Argyle Mine in Australia

The world's fastest, and consistently

appreciating asset for 35 years straight!

"In 2003, we'd sell a 50 carat D flawless for $50,000 a carat. This week (June 2013) we sold a 26 carat D flawless for $170,000 a carat; that's three times the price. And coloured diamonds are making 10 times the prices of 10 years ago." Rahul Kadakia, head of the jewellery department at Christie's auction house.

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TWC - NFCiD's Notes
​Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds - Intro

​​The Wealth Coaches can guide you through the process of procuring a stone, while helping ensure your investment in rare NFCD's fits appropriately within your investment profile. Our supplier buys directly from the diamondeer who deals directly with the Argyle diamond mine. We buy wholesale from the same broker to such notable jewellry chains as Harry Winston and Tiffany's. By cutting out several layers of distribution, we are able to pass along savings of roughly 50% to our investment clients. ​


Profit now from the Argyle diamond mine closure in 2020.

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