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Phone, Internet, & Fax Services

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The Wealth Coaches is pleased to announce that we have now formed a strategic partnership with a major telecommunications provider in Canada and another in the USA to help residential and business consumers on both sides of the border to save up to 75% on their phone, internet, and fax services. Our supplier is a wholesale provider of these services and utilizes the same existing networks offered through the big brand names. In fact, our Canadian internet service is offered over the Telus copper DSL lines and installed by the same Telus technicians who currently service residential and business customers. Deregulation has mandated that existing infrastructure be opened up to local competition. In fact, our provider has been supplying the wholesale long distance service to the majors for years. We have VoIP telephone lines starting at $14.99 /mo, high-speed internet at $28.95/mo, and virtual fax services at $8.95/mo.


Competitor offerings are constantly changing so please request a current cost analysis by completing the Request for Quote form below. 

What do you have to lose by requesting a quote, other than the excess fees you have been paying for all these years? We can help you put hundreds of dollars per year back in your pocket!

"We can now analyze residential and business telecommunications statements looking for cost savings on phone service, internet, fax, and soon TV.

In most cases, we should be able to save consumers 10%-65% on their usage fees, all with NO CONTRACTS, NO HIDDEN FEES, and BEST-IN-CLASS 24/7 customer service."

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Internet, Phone, and Fax Features
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