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 Price List

As coaches and mentors, we at The Wealth Coaches are often asked how we are compensated for our various services. Below is a breakdown of the services we provide for a fee. Many of our seminars and lunch & learns are offered with complimentary admission as part of a larger group presentation.  Our multi-media services are offered strictly on a fee-for-service basis through ThoughtWurx Inc. If you do not see a service listed that you are looking for, please give us a call.

NEW! Web-based, On-line
Wealth Coaching & Financial Education

​Individual and Group.​

Advance Registration Required (2 hours prior) for all webinars and personal / group sessions.


$     0:  Website, YouTube, EventBrite Orientation Tour, and open questions - up to 1hour

$   19:  Online Live Educational Seminar; open question period - 2 hours
$ 150:  Personal Financial Assessment - 2 hours

$   75:  Personal Semi-annual review - 1 hour


Group Services (per person unless otherwise stated; all workshops are 1 hour and include emailed study guide and materials)

$   59:  Lunch & Learn Intro (per group of 5 or more)
$ 150:  The Personal Financial Assessment

$ 150:  The Personal Financial Plan & Budgeting

$ 150:  Retirement Planning and Investment Options

$ 150:  Secret Strategies of the Ultra-Rich

Wealth Coaching & Financial Education

​Individual and Group.​

$ 200  Personal Financial Assessment - 2 hours 
$ 100  Personal Semi-annual review - 1 hour


Group Services (per group of 5; all workshops include handout materials)

$   99  Lunch & Learn Intro 1hr (per group of 5 or more)
$ 499  The Personal Financial Assessment 2hr
$ 499  The Personal Financial Plan & Budgeting 2hr

$ 499  Retirement Planning & Investment Options 2hr

$ 499  Secret Strategies of the Ultra-Rich 4hr

$ 299  Financial Strategies & Secrets for Everyday Investors 2hr

Large Group Seminars

​Variable by location.​

$ 299  Financial Strategies & Secrets of the Ultra-Rich for the Everyday Investor 

(2 hrs per person; includes lunch or dinner, depending on venue)

$ 299  Financial Literacy for the Fitness Professional

(2 hrs; split over 4x30 minute sessions, on location in your facility, per group of 30)


$ 299  Financial Literacy for the Business Professional

(2 hrs; split over 2x60 minute sessions, on location in your business per group of 10)

Multimedia Services

​Let ThoughtWurx Inc. design your social media strategy & content.​

$ 500  Website Development - 7 page basic  
$ 100  Website Development - per hour

$ 500  Social Media Integration
$ 200  Youtube Only Profile and Channel 

$ 200  Facebook Only Profile

$ 200  Linked-In Only Profile

$ 200  Twitter Only Profile

$ 100  ​Copy Writing (per hour)
$ 100  Marketing Strategy and Document, Excel Programming, PowerPoint, Graphic Arts, Page Layout, Brochure Design (per hour)

Referral Fees

In addition to the above fees, certain suppliers will pay us industry standard finder's fees ranging from 0.1%-10%, based on the dollar amount of business referred on a monthly basis. These referral fee expenses are paid by the suppliers out of their general sales and marketing budgets, as prescribed by industry regulations. Where applicable, these fees are disclosed on a client disclosure form at the time of purchase or investment.

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