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How do The Wealth Coaches fit in?

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Financial Security, Health, Wealth and Prosperity


"If you’re like most people, these are all things you worry and think about on a regular basis. We worry about the same things. In fact, we’re just like you – just like people everywhere. We all have money concerns. We all wonder whether we’ll be able to keep our jobs. We all get anxious about our debts. We all wonder when — or even if — we’ll ever be able to pay off the mortgage. We all stress about whether we’ll have sufficient savings to live on when we retire. Will we be able to pay for our kids’ college? Will we be able to help them out when they get married, or simply need a hand? That’s why we are different from other companies that offer financial help. We’re people just like you, working to make our financial future, and the financial futures of those who join our team, a little more secure."


In addition to helping our clients SAVE MONEY, we are now in a position to actually help clients EARN PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME. For those clients who may be newly unemployed, or simply looking to diversify and generate long-term, residual incomes to add to their portfolios, not only do we reward you for referrals of clients who purchase our hard asset products from The Wealth Coaches, but now we have partnered with the marketing arm of Tranont™ International. to offer our clients a unique opportunity to share in the user fees of the products our clients already use. We even offer a superior business plan to help clients in Canada and the USA earn more income, take control of their finances, and solidify their financial futures simply by referring others to the same service providers our clients are using and enjoying already. 


Imagine a cellular provider or Dish TV paying you a commission and/or residual loyalty bonus income to switch your own service to Tranont™ and encourage others to do the same. The power of Lifetime Customer Referral Tracking technology now makes your one-time referral to your favorite providers not only possible, but lucrative just for sharing your experience with others. Rather than the brand name providers paying and retaining large sales forces and marketing budgets, they redirect that money to pay you. Now you can turn your idle time into a productive time just by sharing your experience. YOU become the mobile sales force for the industry giants. As a fringe benefit, you now qualify for significant tax deductions on your new business.


If you don't already have a tax-deductible home office
you are throwing away $4,000 - $8,000 a year in taxes! 

See the TaxBot playlist for some examples.


Compared to many MLM businesses that require people to self-consume and recruit others to purchase products they may not really use, Tranont™ has taken the word-of-mouth MLM concept, and the Affiliate Referral Model used by Amazon Inc. and other major mainstream companies, and turned the direct sales industry on its head. Best of all, there is NO SELLING required! It's as easy as referring someone to a great restaurant, but you get paid for it! 


Tranont™ has successfully combined the best features of both models and applied a unique compensation plan to the $5.7 Trillion Financial Services, Telecommunications, Health & Wellness, and Energy industries. In 2016 they also added Solar Energy to the referral program, which is the fastest-growing segment of the green energy electricity movement. 

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As a consultant (with taxable benefits!), a simple Free Smart Phone app or website link will permanently reward you for sending loyal customers to Tranont's™ numerous solution providers, including Tranont Solar. Dedicated knowledgeable employees at each company do all the sales work for you once they receive your referral lead and you get paid for as long as the customer sticks with the provider. It's literally that simple!


Over 90 Million Baby Boomers in North America will enter retirement over the next 20 years, and will soon be passing trillions of dollars of net wealth to their kids. The chance to help them plan their financial affairs AND GET PAID to help is truly a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity to those who can envision the coming explosive growth in money management and financial services that cater to the biggest demographic bubble of all time. We need YOUR help to reach others so we can educate them on the Hidden Strategies & Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich


To learn more about how you can create an extra income with our team of professionals, simply click on the graphic screen above to watch the 18-minute introduction to the product suite and to learn how you too can begin to both SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY from the fastest-growing trends in such exciting industries as solar energy, online personal financial education & portfolio management, and business services marketing.


Grab YOUR slice of the $5.7+ Trillion Financial Services,

Telecommunications, Health & Wellness and Green Energy pie. 

It's already happening with or without you so heed our advice and Learn More Now.

All of the installations in the gallery were SOLD to the consumer by someone. Why wasn't it you?

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