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What's Your Wealth Plan? Or do you even have one?

February 22, 2019

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INVISUS announces first Business Identity Theft Protection service

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Today we are proud to announce iDefend Business, the industry’s first complete identity theft protection program that is specifically designed to protect entrepreneurs and their businesses against business identity theft and fraud.


Business identity theft has recently become a huge problem, and it is wreaking havoc on businesses and business owners.  Business owners have significantly increased risks because their personal information, credit, and finances are so closely intertwined with their business.   The potential impact of business identity theft can be devastating to the business owner personally, and vice versa.


You can check out the seriousness of this problem by looking over some of the recent new stories and studies we’ve posted online.  We’ve also posted real stories from real businesses who have been victimized by this crime.


iDefend Business includes proactive monitoring and identity restoration services for the business itself, as well as complete personal coverage for business owners.  Should a business or business owner have an identity fraud problem, our resolution experts stand ready to take immediate action to protect the business and its owners.  We also provide identity recovery services for businesses who have already been compromised.  See all iDefend Business features and benefits here.


Complete information about the business identity theft problem, and full details about the breakthrough iDefend Business service can be found at


Read the full press release here.

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