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The Wealth Coaches are partnered with Solid Financial Solutions and their diamond division, Solid Colored Carats. We specialize in natural fancy colored diamonds as an ultimate store of value and long-term investment strategy.

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Carats – Lang & O’Leary on Colored Diamonds

Christie’s Jewelry International Head Rahul Kadakia discusses the appeal of investing in colored diamonds. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

High Net Worth Investors Turning Towards Hard Assets

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds – Foxx Business

Investing in Rare Colored Diamonds

Diamonds: An Investor’s Best Friend

6.8 Million for the Sun Drop Diamond

Colored Diamonds on the Rise, 167% increase since 2005!

Findings from the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index and its annual Wealth Report have been unveiled, highlighting the growing significance of colored diamonds and pearls for investment in the Middle East and Asia | read more…

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds Due Diligence

Canadian Gemological Laboratory is one of Canada’s most technologically advanced gemological laboratories specializing in Identification, Grading and Certification of Diamonds. The comprehensive range of services offered include gemological services, various diamond and gemstone certificates, appraisals for jewellery in any format, basic and full consultation reports as well as customized certification. Find out more at:

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s most trusted name in diamond grading and gemstone identification. With objectivity and expertise as its hallmarks, GIA ensures the integrity and accuracy of every report it issues. GIA tests every material submitted to determine whether it is natural or not, and discloses any known treatments discovered during analysis. Find out more at:

Argyle Diamond Mine produces roughly 20% of the world`s total rough diamond production and the strong majority of the world’s Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, including Pink and Champagne Colored Diamonds. Find out more at:

Rio Tinto Diamonds also operates a niche business cutting and polishing and selling the pink diamond produced by the Argyle Diamond Mine. For further information on selecting an Argyle pink diamond, please visit the Argyle Pink Diamonds website.

  • Argyle Diamond Mine References:

  • Champagne Diamonds from Rio Tinto: Rio Tinto Diamonds

  • Champagne Diamond Center – A dedicated website for champagne diamonds has also been developed. “I generally think of top-quality diamonds not in terms of wealth creation, but instead as wealth retention, tangible assets that have global appeal and global value” – Lisa Hubbard, chairman of Sotheby’s North and South American International Jewelry division. Read more:

  • There are two broad types of diamonds: consumption goods and investments. Colorless diamonds are generally best for gifts, he said, while colored diamonds (pink, yellow, etc.) can be “assets with highly attractive investment” potential.” – Robert Frank with CNBC quotes Mahyar Makhzani, the London- and Geneva-based managing director of the Sciens Colored Diamond Fund. Check it out here:

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