The truth about 'global collapse!'

Global financial experts say that a greater global financial crisis is looming. While we agree, we also know that times of great upheaval and change HISTORICALLY, have brought the greatest OPPORTUNITIES for fortune-makers! Learn How Now!

We Learn From History...

That We Never Learn From History!

You have no doubt heard philosopher, George Santayana's adage, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," and its variants: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Well, to quote Yogi Berra, "its déjà vu all over again!"

Despite the mountains of historical evidence pointing to another looming financial crisis, and the known methods of protection against it, people still blindly ignore the historical facts! Below, we analyze just one of the familiar ingredients resurfacing for the perfect global financial storm.

Warren Buffett: "Derivatives are still weapons of mass destruction and are likely to cause big trouble!"

We now know that the 2007-2011 global financial crisis was precipitated by a big-bank product called DERIVATIVES. While this complex "investment instrument" has been widely criticized since 2007 as a legalized form of gambling, it still constitutes a staggering 95% (US$1.2TRILLION) of the GLOBAL capitalist market. In other words, if the derivatives' market again crashed in the US, or anywhere else...-it would precipitate an unprecedented global market crash. Knowing this the US congress created Section 716 of the DODD-FRANK ACT to directly address the problem and reform the global paper market.

INCREDIBLY HOWEVER, after receiving millions in campaign donations (bribes) from big banks like Goldman Sachs, (the usual suspects), congress did the unthinkable and actually REPEALED (revoked) Section-716 in October 2013, matching repeals to similar reforming regulations around the world, including the UK and the EU. Thus the global derivatives market, the very cause of the last crisis, is still unregulated.

This bears repeating! The global DERIVATIVES market - the very reason for the 2007 financial collapse - is LESS regulated, MORE precarious, and IMMINENTLY more self-destructive than ever before. When it collapses it will take global financial house of cards down with it.

Now, do you understand that global collapse is not a myth, or conspiracy theory or some doomsdayer's fantasy...-it is real and it is now a certainty!

For more on this watch Jim Rickards (Financial Threats and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor to the Pentagon and CIA), to hear about the rest of the threats contributing to the aforementioned perfect storm.

So what do we do? Well, with

Great Change Comes Great Opportunity!

Historically, the greatest fortunes were created in times of great uncertainty and upheaval just like this one.

The richest old-money families (no, not the Kardashians!) built their wealth strategically. The Rothschilds, Saxe-Coburg Gothas (aka, the Windsors), Rockerfellers and others, have ALL secretly capitalized upon the threat of approaching revolutions; coups; wars, recession; and depression, etc. In fact, since this tactic has been so profitable for these families, many historicans now believe, that said families actually instigated many of those events, in an elaborate hegelian dialectic plan, in order to benefit from them. Great patriots such as Smedley Butler, saw through the elaborate lie, and wrote cynically, "war is a racket," in his booklet of the same names.

Today, in learning from their history, we too can benefit by capitalizing on threats facing us right now. How? Stay tuned for the next SOTF.


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