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Tranont Solar

Our Story

Our “what if?” turned into a “why not?”

After having some experience in the traditional solar game, and much experience in the business industry, the founders of Tranont's Affiliate Solar (in the USA) had a brain-child and thus, Affiliate Solar started out as an experiment.


They asked, "What if we helped educate people on the many advantages of becoming a solar customer and then helped them leverage that knowledge to acquire other customers, could we then open the door to a lucrative opportunity for the average customer, and a very lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneur who is interested in making significant money in solar?


And What if it could also help save our planet, create clean energy, and support the founder's passion of rescuing trafficked children through the Operation Underground Railroad organization?”


They soon realized that the benefits were endless and yet, thus far, no one had ever done solar this way. The question was, “What if….?” and that “What If?” turned into a “Why Not?” and became the impetuous for a now-thriving company, set to grow into a multi-billion dollar business in the next few years.


A Team of Winners


After some time, hard work, commitment, faith, and the efforts of a lot of people who were just crazy enough not to quit, the hypothesis was now a proven fact. It worked! And “Affiliate Solar” was born.


Committed to creating the best leadership and support team possible, the founders of Affiliate Solar continued to align with the best-of-the-best in the industry, and created a team of winners to build the largest Affiliate Solar company by utilizing a customer-based referral program similar to Amazon's affiliate program that would not only feed the sales engine, but support the entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of people who want to be a part of the thriving solar industry, all while maintaining their businesses and careers. And today, Tranont Solar / Affiliate Solar is proud to say, we are well on our way to reaching our goals to becoming The Largest Solar company in Canada and the United States.


To learn how you can participate in the hyperbolic growth of the Green Energy Revolution occurring right now with Solar, click on the EARN $$$ button. To request a free quote on how you can TRADE your electric bill for SOLAR, click the Free Quote button!

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