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TaxBot Referral Agent Program

Become a TaxBot Independent Referral Agent (TIRA) for The Wealth Coaches

Regardless of whether you decide to become a Beta Tester of The Wealth Academy or an Affiliated Independent Consultant with us, all website members receive the option to earn a 10% annual referral commission for simply referring our TaxBot Trip Tracker and Personal Digital Bookkeeping software to your friends, family members, coworkers, and online contacts.


Registered Charities, Foundations, and Fundraisers (such as social clubs, schools, student unions, sports teams, seniors facilities, churches, and others) are invited to participate in any of our income-generating referral programs to help drive an ongoing source of financing from services referred by participants to their various stakeholders, clients, and other contact sources. The partnership possibilities are almost endless so simply complete the Request Form below and someone will get back to you to brainstorm some ideas and get you set up with your personalized tracking links. 

Oh, and this program is totally FREE to Join and we pay for direct Referral Results!


How it Works

The following sections explain how our referral program works and the potential income you could make with us by simply referring people to this amazing financial tracking product using your unique coded link that we create for you right from the TaxBot back office. Learn more about TaxBot by watching these two quick videos and the Webinar with the creator of Taxbot, Mr. Sandy Botkin:

To view in full screen on a mobile, tap a video, then the expand button ◙.


The Wealth Coaches is an approved TaxBot Referral Partner which means we were successfully vetted and approved by TaxBot to represent their product, use their proprietary graphics and email templates, and generate a wide variety of referral campaign links that can be used in emails, embedded in websites, and posted to various social media platforms.


Now, whenever someone clicks on one of our links, a tracking cookie is placed on the user's device which remains active for 45 days from first contact. Should that person download the trial software and subsequently subscribe to the service, Taxbot will compensate us with a referral fee. This fee is renewable annually so long as the client continues to use the app software. 


We also have the ability to code specific links that will track referrals back to any individuals who have partnered with us a TaxBot Independent Referral Agent (TIRA), so we can identify the source of the referral. At the end of each month, we reconcile our TaxBot commissions and split out a referral fee to each of our TIRA's and then we PayPal them a share of our revenue. Thus, we pay directly for performance, in perpetuity, so long as you remain a TaxBot subscriber and TIRA. 

Refer Just 10 Users and Your Subscription is FREE!

Below you will find a graphic estimation of the potential residual royalties a typical referral partner might earn with us over the next 10 years based on some modest assumptions.  


Assuming a prepaid annual subscription fee per client of $100 USD/yr X the #Referred Users X 10% commission per client, then your potential annual referral commission is $10/yr x 100 clients = $1,000/yr. For each year that you refer more clients to the program, whether they are in Canada or the USA, you will increase your annual referral income accordingly. In only 10 years, you could have 750 clients in North America using the product annually (assuming a really pessimistic annual 25% rate of attrition) and you could then be earning $7,500 USD / yr, just for referring this product once to each client you have or person you meet!


Your cumulative earnings over that time frame would be a staggering $41,250 USD!


With each client expecting to accumulate $20,000 in annual business deductions, that works out to over $82.5 Million in registered business deductions over a decade, all thanks to you!

10 Year Client Growth Projection

TaxBot 41,250 Commission Grid.JPG

Step 1: Submit the Request to Become a TaxBot Independent Referral Agent (TIRA)

The first step to becoming a TIRA with us so you can refer TaxBot to our partner account and earn yourself a referral fee, is for you to complete the request form below.


Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: Install TaxBot & Subscribe

In order to effectively promote the service and teach others how to use it, you must be a user of the product you are referring. All TIRA's are expected to understand, use, and promote the application to others to earn the annual commission. Therefore, you must be familiar with it and know how to work it properly. You may even be asked to help your referrals install the app and get it started for them.


You must download the app, install it, and then subscribe to the program yourself so we can generate a client account for you and begin tracking all your annual referral sales back to you. The app subscription costs only $10 USD per month or $99 USD per year when your prepay (which effectively gives you 2 months free each year).

Get started now by FIRST clicking the button below so you can create a new account using our link

Second, visit the app store for your device by clicking either the Google Play link or the App Store link

Install the app and then log in using your new account credentials. This will start your personal 2 week free trial of TaxBot under our corporate account banner. 

NOTE: If you haven't yet done so, you will need to create a member account on this website using the Login button at the top right corner of this page. 

Step 3: Create your media links

Once we review your submission and verify your TaxBot subscription status, we will start the process of generating your unique coded links for you to use in all of your various platforms. 

Will will send you an email with your link and some TaxBot graphic images to get you started. You will also receive a proven scripted email template created by TaxBot for you to send out to your prospects. 

That is the simple 3 Step process to start making money as a TIRA partnered with The Wealth Coaches and TaxBot.

TIP: For your reference, click on the button below to access our shared DropBox folder of resources that you may need to promote this service. As new resources are created by TaxBot, this folder will be updated with the most current marketing materials. Always check back with this link to ensure you have the latest and greatest resources to present this amazing service. 

Testimonials from other TIRA's

Middle Aged Woman

As an accountant, I owed it to my clients to refer this pocket bookkeeper to them so they could better capture all their trips and expenses while on the go. Now, I get no more boxes of receipts to sort through at tax time. Clients just email me the detailed report link directly into my tax software and, voila, my tax preparation is a snap! This was a win-win scenario; and I got paid twice!

Avery Smith

Mature Businessman

Being a regular employee with not many allowable tax deductions, I was able to partner with The Wealth Coaches and start a part-time after-hours marketing business from home. I have now boosted my personal tax refund by thousands of dollars a year, AND earn enough extra income by referring others to TaxBot so my wife can stay home with our first born! Tres cool.

Skyler Adelson

Woman in Yellow

I recently graduated and entered the workforce as a receptionist at a realty office;  I now see how much tax gets taken off each paycheck! Now that I have TaxBot, I can see how many business deductions I am accumulating daily as I work my referral business by talking to everyone I know about TaxBot. The extra referral income helps me pay down my student loans!

Christine Michaels

We look forward to welcoming you to our dynamic team of TaxBot Independent Referral Agent's. What are your waiting for? Fill out the form and get started!