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Introducing: Our new on-line financial services money management platform offered through The Wealth Coaches


We are very excited to be able to offer our clients, whether they be business owners, entrepreneurs, traditional employees, or retirees, the latest digital suite of industry-leading financial management tools from the billion dollar plus financial services giant, Tranont™ Inc., which entered Canada in 2015. Their amazing suite of financial services utilizes the latest in web-based technology tools to help our clients track and manage their finances in ways never before possible. We remain available to consult directly as always, but now we can leverage the latest technology solutions to help YOU track and manage your finances more effectively. 


Many have already seen immediate results and have discovered substantial tax deductions where typical clients will often Save $4,000 - $10,000 annually. Digital automation of your financial life is now a reality. Some of the newest Core Services we offer are described here. Click the images below to view the newest  videos about Money and the Core Services, then click on the Buttons to learn more about each service:


A frank discussion about MONEY

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Enjoy this 3 minute video discussion about the rarely discussed dinner table topic of MONEY. Understand that you are not alone in misunderstanding its secrets, and that there is help available. 

Tranont Core Services Overview

Learn how the 7 Core Services utilize technology tools and services to help you implement the 5 Key Steps to Money Mastery.

  1. Save Money

  2. Manage Money

  3. Protect Money

  4. Make Money

  5. Grow Money

Click the button to learn more about each service on the website.

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Detailed Summary
TaxBot Youtube

Watch this playlist to learn some amazing TaxBot tips that may  save you $400/month  or more in taxes every year for LIFE!

(15:13) - Presented by Tranont's CEO Lorne Berry

Overview of the Core Services from Tranont. To enroll in one or all of these services, please visit and select Join Tranont, then select the membership options you wish. You may choose either a customer or associate membership (the latter gives you the right to refer these services to others and earn a referral fee.)

(9:22) - Presented by J.R. Anderson

Overview of the Core Services from Tranont. To enroll in one or all of these services, please visit and select Join Tranont, then select the membership options you wish. You may choose either a customer or associate membership (the latter gives you the right to refer these services to others and earn a referral fee.)

Tranont™ OneView

(3:26) - [click for full details]

Automated Debt Reduction & Wealth Accumulation is a web-based software application that integrates with over 16,000 financial institutions worldwide to give you access to all of your financial information in one single location. Tranont OneView is your one-stop access to all of your financial data online. The platform is ultra-secure and is backed by some of the industry’s top monitoring systems including VeriSign, McAfee and TRUSTe. With OneView’s robust set of features you can monitor your spending, set budgets and goals, get bill reminders and more. Be financially in control 24/7.


As our guest, this utility iFREE FOR LIFE if you Subscribe NOW. Just choose the Join Tranont tab, select Customer Enrollment, choose your country, select the OneView check box, and then complete the rest of the form. It's that easy. [Video 2]

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Identity Theft Protection & Financial Security to protect your online identities against the fastest-growing crime in the world - ID theft. The digital age has opened a pipeline of new threats to your privacy, safety and financial security. Defending yourself and your family against identity theft and cyber-crime has become an essential part of a secure and successful financial future[Video 2]

(3:56) - [click each link below for full details]

Track Expenses & Simplify Tax Preparation - Tranont Taxbot can help you track and organize all your expenses, ensuring that you get the maximum refund possible at tax time using Tranont Tax Services


Tranont TaxBot makes it easy to keep track of business expenses, including mileage, from anywhere in the world using your GPS-enabled smartphone or mobile device. Capture receipts with your camera phone and instantly categorize each receipt for use at tax time. No smart phone? No problem. Enter all the information and receipts afterwards from your computer. It even integrates with your credit card company to automatically pull in the data and categorize it all for you! 


This amazingly convenient business expense tracker is also very motivating to use because it keeps a running tally of the potential savings you are racking up by documenting your deductible expenses as you incur them.


This tool is indispensable for entrepreneurs, travelling sales people, and business owners alike. [Video 2]

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On-Demand Education & Training Classes that help educate you about the latest financial services industry trends and products; global geopolitical events that could impact your portfolio; financial products to meet specific needs; and advanced tax and estate planning strategies. Through the Tranont Financial Education program, you can become more prepared to make difficult decisions regarding your personal finances. You won’t feel like you are a step behind when it comes to your money. Feel free to watch a sample of the Tranont Financial Education courses here. [Video]

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Educational Videos

Future Planning using various Universal life, Indexed Universal Life, and Term Life Insurance products. Tranont Life, LLC is a leading insurance marketing organization designed to bring together individuals, families, small business owners, and some of the largest insurance and financial services providers in North America. Because guaranteed pensions, employer matching, and generous government benefits are now the exception rather than the norm, we believe life insurance and annuities will become an increasingly important part of North Americans’ plans for financial stability.

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Should I switch to solar? This is undoubtedly the first question that every homeowner asks themselves.


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"If you are not financially independent by the time you are 40 or 50, it doesn’t mean that you are living in the wrong country or at the wrong time. It simply means that you have the wrong plan."  - Jim Rohn