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Tranont Solar

Welcome to Solar!

Get turned on by electricity again.


"Changing the way our world is powered."


Stop counting dollars and kilowatts and start enjoying the benefits of solar energy with easy financing options, expert installs, and unprecedented service from Tranont Solar. No one should have to feel bad about the amount of electricity they use. But, with rising rates and environmental implications, it makes many of us want to turn off the power in our home or business. At Tranont Solar, our solar solutions are never one-size-fits-all but, rather, carefully designed around your individual needs and goals. So you can take advantage of the benefits of solar, save money, and actually feel good about using electricity again.


We’ll change the way you feel about electricity by:


  • Looking beyond your pocketbook and focusing on your life.

  • Planning for the long-term, not just your immediate needs.

  • Giving you choices and helping you make the best decision.

  • Harnessing the clean energy produced by the sun.

  • Helping you become your own energy provider.


With Tranont Solar, you can stop worrying about how much energy you’re using and focus on the enjoyment you get from electricity. By choosing solar for your home or business, you are also making a more viable decision about your future. Your choice to utilize the sun as a renewable energy source helps eliminate the burning of fossil fuels that can lead to global warming while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar is one of the best renewable resources out there and it is the single biggest home improvement that a homeowner can make to positively impact the environment. One of the best advantages of solar energy is reducing your electrical consumption and reliance on fossil fuels immediately and for the long-term!

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